All software is for MacOS. Feel free to contact me with questions or issues.

Max Externals

mCounter 2.1 A max counter object that begins at 1 (instead of zero).
mEventDetector~ 1.1 An event detector using a two-point comparison strategy. Successive amplitude measurements are taken. If the current amplitude measurement is sufficiently greater than the previous measurement than the object outputs an event bang, the amplitude of the event, and the delta obtained from the amplitude comparison. Amplitude measurements can be made using either the peak amplitude or the RMS of successive windows.
mHztoMS 2.0 A max object that converts Hz to milliseconds.
mLinearLeastSquares 1.1 Object that uses the linear least squares method to determine a line that best fits a collection of data points. The object outputs the slope and residual. The latter reflects the overall deviation of data points from the linear equation.
mMStoHz 2.0 A max object that converts milliseconds to Hz.
mPhrasePoolCapture 1.1 A max object used to write performance data to a database file.
mPhrasePoolRead 1.1 A max object that reads performance data from a database file. Reading can be done randomly from the database, and the range can be constrained to the last n entries.
mRandAmp 2.1 A max object that generates a random value from 0.0 – 1.0. The range can be further constrained from zero. For example, a range of 0.3 constrains the random values from 0.7-1.0. The object can be used to impose jitter on audio signal parameters, such as amplitude.

Max Abstractions

loadSndListFromFile.maxpat 1.0 Loads sound filenames from a line-separated list in a text file. Bang reads the next line from the list.
randomBipolar.maxpat 1.0 A bipolar random number generator. Simple, but very useful.

MacOS Applications

Harmonics 1.0 Utility app that calculates harmonics based on a user-specified fundamental frequency.
swankPitch 2.0 Utility app for converting between frequency, pitch, MIDI pitch, and MIDI note. The output includes cent deviation if the specified frequency does not match an equal tempered pitch.
swankTime 2.0 Utility app for converting time units commonly used in music composition and production.

Cocoa Bundles and Classes

TunerConversions.bundle 1.0 Objective-C bundle containing useful functions related to tuning. It includes frequency to MIDI conversions.
SoundfileIO Class 1.0 Objective-C class wrapper for Core Audio methods to open and save PCM sound files. The class supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit AIFF and WAVE files. It opens all audio into a canonical format (32-bit float).